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The Power of the Written Word in Newcastle


Through their Charity Arts Programme,  Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have worked with Writer in Residence, Laura Lindow, and partner, New Writing North to produce some incredible pieces of writing with their staff, that encouraged them to use their own skills and ideas, whilst providing tools for writing. 

Staff have been able to tell their stories and create some truly insightful pieces of writing, ranging from poetry to scripts.  You can read below some of their words – a  beautiful and poignant lullaby, and an extract from a witty piece of creative writing based on the phrase ‘You said… We did…’ found in wards.

A blue moon with a white crescent in a blue sky at night

Intensive Care Lullaby

by Vicky Thomas, Consultant Paediatrician

Hush little baby, it’s time now to sleep

I won’t make you promises that I can’t keep.

I’m not going to claim it’ll all be all right.

But I promise I’ll be here all through the night.

Sleep little baby, it’s time now to rest.

For the sheep in the field and the birds in the nest,

For the fox in his hole and the geese on the lake

And the tired nurses with feet that ache.

Rest little baby, in this cool white space.

We’re here keeping watch, no angels of grace

But weary and human, and doing our best

We’ll be your guardians while you take your rest.

So hush little baby, it’s time now to sleep.

Trust in our care, our machines that go beep.

The moon overhead and the stars burning bright and

I promise we’ll be here all through the night.

A person holding a stethoscope shaped like a heart


By Jo McCullough, Nurse Specialist

I SAID to my patients, “Hello, my name is Jo, is there anything you need?” and THEY SAID:

“Can I have a bed pan, Nurse?”

“Can I have a drink?”

“Will you give me a bed bath?”

“Pass me pills.”

“It hurts there!”


“Wipe my bum, Nurse.”

“You’re so kind.”

“Thank you so much, you’re an angel.”

“You’re not putting that up there!”