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Somerset NHS Foundation Trust hosts The Poetry Machine 

The Poet Beth Calverley sitting in front of a desk on wheels that contains a vintage typewriter smiles at another person sitting in a chair wearing a hospital uniform and holding a piece of paper
Image credit: Corbin O’Grady Studio and Art for Life

As part of their engagement with staff for Our National Health Stories, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust has hosted Poet Beth Calverley and her magical Poetry Machine at Musgrove Park Hospital and Yeovil District Hospital this July, supported by Art For Life. 

Beth creates free poems by having a chat with participating hospital staff and asking some gentle questions, Beth then weaves their words into a written poem, that she types up on her vintage typewriter, and gives to staff as a memento for them to take away. 

Beth said: “Through my work as poet in residence for hospitals across the country, I’m lucky enough to meet staff, patients, and carers, and hear their stories of courage, identity and love. Hospitals are full of medical jargon, so finding new ways to express ourselves in these places can feel like a little creative holiday. Poetry can help us to celebrate the individual staff members that make up our NHS and articulate connections between team-members.”