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A group of 3 people are standing at a round table smiling. The poet Pat Winslow is seated at the table writing.

Poet Pat Winslow works at OUH Cowley

Artist: Dr Lizzie Burns

Pat talked to staff and wrote poems for them. ‘Our working lives are made of moments. They’re like postcards in search of a story. Got a favourite moment you’d like to share? Something funny, something sad, something surprising, something curious? Pat will be on hand to hear your postcard-sized moments.’

Pat worked with 15 members of staff. She said, ‘I found people were really keen to stop and talk. They were more than willing to engage. The other thing I noticed was how many people engaged as a team. The team identity sems to be a string feature at Unipart. If someone sat down to talk to me, their team mates joined in. And people wanted to hear each other’s stories too. Pride was another factor. So many people feel genuinely proud of the work they do. There’s a deep commitment to the job.

I think people felt that yesterday (NHS 75 birthday) was a bit special, a bit out of the ordinary.’

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