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Louise Grosberg – Chaplain

Photographer: James Drury

There are no numerical measures for a Chaplain working in the NHS, and that’s the way it should stay.

For a 60 second encounter of a silence, the holding of a hand, encouraging a member of staff, is as precious as a 60 min encounter of simply being alongside, inhabiting a liminal space with those whose ‘what was’ has gone, and ‘what will be’ has yet to arrive.

Forty – four years ago I began work in the NHS as a student nurse, moving on to become a Registered Midwife and delivering many babies

Exceeding by far the 40 normal deliveries, and 40 abnormal deliveries you had to obtain to become a midwife. Leaving the NHS in the 1990’s I returned 6 years ago as a Chaplain, and now I am available to spiritually accompany not just those who are coming into this world, but also those who are leaving.

My career has been a circle of different experiences and qualifications,  which have been able to be met through the workings of the NHS.

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